New York Times Recognizes Trademarkia for Small Business Solutions

In a recent New York Times article, was recognized for “graft[ing] user-friendly interface onto a colossal database” to “help small-business owners sift through six million names, slogans, and logos.”  Mr. Raj Abhyanker and Ms. Dongxia Liu are mentioned in the article as the founders of the ever-growing start-up which makes trademark applications accessible for business owners.  LegalForce RAPC Worldwide, Mr. Abhyanker’s law firm, is also experiencing growth and expansion as a result of Trademarkia’s success.

New York Times – April 11, 2012

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide Correspondent Attends INTA Event in New York

Elizabeth Oliner, attorney at LegalForce RAPC Worldwide, attended the INTA Breakfast Roundtable in New York on January 13, 2012.  As an essential component of staying current with trademark practice, LegalForce RAPC Worldwide regularly attends such events, seminars, and webinars.  Among the attendees at this particular event were other firm correspondents as well as USPTO correspondents.  They discussed recent USPTO developments, electronic processing, and structure and content of office actions.


Raj Abhyanker is the Sole Inventor on a Google, Inc. Patent. 

Raj Abhaynker is now a Google, Inc. inventor.  His third Google, Inc. owned U.S.Patent, number 8,095,430, titled “DEMAND AGGREGATION IN A GEOSPATIAL NETWORK,” has been granted on January 10, 2012.  Due to the sale of his previous start-up company, The DealMap, previously called Fatdoor, to Google, Inc. this past summer, Google, Inc. is the owner and Assignee on the patent.  This is the first of the three that has issued with Google, Inc. printed on patent itself.


Fox Business & KRON 4 interviews Partner Raj Abhyanker on patent reform.

September 18, 2011.   Partner Raj Abhyanker was requested by national television in the United States to share his thoughts on the recently passed U.S. Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, and what it means to American jobs and innovation.   Watch a video of the Fox Business live television interview with partner Raj Abhyanker :

Also, Raj was interviewed on KRON 4 news in San Francisco Bay Area on the patent reform act and what it means to America :


White House asks Raj Abhyanker to speak on U.S. patent reform, America Invents Act

September 7, 2011. Today, Partner Raj Abhyanker of the firm LegalForce RAPC Worldwide, a leading U.S. law firm and creator of the legal website, was requested by the Executive Office of the President Barack Obama for Technology, Office of Science & Tech Policy to speak with the government about ideas on implementing the new America Invents Act. The message from the White House was relayed by Aneesh Chopra, the CTO of the United States government, who asked LegalForce RAPC Worldwide to help “ensure we strengthen the American innovation ecosystem” by commenting on the best ways to implement the new patent reforms. Raj discussed new initiatives with Quentin Palfrey, Senior Advisor for Jobs & Competitiveness for the Executive Office of the President.

The White House primarily wanted to know LegalForce RAPC Worldwide’s thoughts on how the program if the bill were to pass.

Among the ideas shared by Raj with the White House include :

1. Approachability. Allow the public to submit video recordings, audio recordings of self disclosure meetings and get a filing receipt as a provisional patent application. This will reduce the time to submit provisional applications once fully disclosed.

2. Create a job search engine using patent data, using backward and forward references to enable inventors to network with each other.

3. Allow those applications that have been filed prior to a transition date to retain their first to invent status.

“I am honored to be invited to speak with the White House on patent reform issues,” commented partner Raj Abhyanker. Our firm will continue to innovate and create new ways for more Americans to have access to quality legal services.


Raj Abhyanker’s, RAPC Founder and Co-Founder and CEO, former company sold to Google for a reported $30 million.

The previous company of Trademarkia CEO Raj Abhyanker was sold to Google, Inc. earlier this week.   The company is The Dealmap (a DBA of CenterD, Inc., renamed from Fatdoor, Inc.).    According to reports on the web, the company was sold a reported $30M, The sale was described in articles of TechCrunch and the New York Times.    A message and reads that the company has been acquired by Google.

New York Times interviews Raj Abhyanker, founder of LegalForce RAPC Worldwide and

“Trademarkia…can potentially save small businesses thousands of dollars in rebranding costs and attorney fees. Trademarkia’s money-saving information is apparently something that many people are willing to pay for upfront. Trademarkia is profitable and on track to collect nearly $4 million in net revenue on $13 million in total gross sales for 2011…Those are impressive figures for a less than two-year-old company that has not taken on any venture capital investment…”

New York Times – June 2, 2011

Fast Company magazine interviews founding partner Raj Abhyanker

“First and foremost, the central innovation of Trademarkia was to take information that the U.S. government had and to make it easily searchable to the lay person. I asked Abhyanker how, prior to 2009, someone would search to see if their logo infringed on someone else’s. ‘You couldn’t,’ he said. ‘You were pretty much boxed into hiring a lawyer, someone with expertise to navigate the byzantine system, which involves numerical codes that describe the features of certain logos…'”

Fast Company – May 31, 2011

Bloomberg Businessweek covers growth of LegalForce RAPC Worldwide’s trademark practice

“Trademarkia’s traffic is exploding, with more than 1.2 million monthly unique visitors…Trademark Insider, a publication that ranks trademark data from the USPTO, shows that Abhyanker’s law firm jumped to No. 1 on its top 100 list in 2010, from 91 in 2009. USPTO data shows that in 2010, 280,649 unique trademark applications were filed in the U.S. If Abhyanker’s firm handles 6,000 this year, as he expects, it will be responsible for more than 2 percent of the applications filed in the U.S…”

Bloomberg Businessweek – May 31, 2011

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide makes its mark at INTA conference

“More than 1,000 attorneys and brand managers stopped by the LegalForce RAPC Worldwide booth at the International Trademark Association conference in San Francisco. LegalForce RAPC Worldwide has grown to become the world’s largest trademark filing firm…”

International Trademark Association – National Conference May 2011, San Francisco CA founder and CEO Raj Abhyanker discusses his vision for the site’s future

“Before Trademarkia, private parties offered this service as a paid service to legal correspondents.  Trademarkia offers this service for free to all legal correspondents as a free public service….Our firm believes that the public, whether rich or poor, should be able to protect their intellectual property rights and gain access to quality legal services.   Particularly, we are honored to help clients of limited means rise as entrepreneurs…” covers’s logo design service

“Abhyanker makes a salient point about one of the main differences between traditional and web logo design. ‘The web is constantly changing — and at a much faster rate than the brick and mortar world ever has. When you think of websites from early 2000, they look nothing like the web that we know and experience today. This means that the web is constantly being redesigned. Finding a logo that can still be relevant (or not feel outdated) in a matter of years, or even months…seems to be a bit more of a challenge.'”

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide’s Liz Oliner talks with USPTO Director David Kappos at South by Southwest in Austin, TX

After meeting LegalForce RAPC Worldwide associate Liz Oliner at South by Southwest, David Kappos wants to meet with LegalForce RAPC Worldwide to discuss the firm’s innovative approach to IP law, ways to enhance trademark registration processes, and the role of the USPTO in improving trademark registration in the U.S.

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide to lead INTA roundtable on U.S. trademark prosecution issues

“In this INTA roundtable, LegalForce RAPC Worldwide will lead a discussion on thorny trademark prosecution issues and the long term impact of prosecution history on later enforcement…”

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide attains IPC membership

Raj Abhyanker is happy to announce that we are now a Category I member of the Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC).  This is a great accomplishment for us as the ICA is one of the most exclusive intellectual property associations.  Their membership is restricted to the most influential names and players in the IP world.   We look forwrad to attending and participating in IPC’s next meeting, which will be held on March 15th at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide represented at the 39th ICANN conference in Cartegena, Colombia

On December 5th, LegalForce RAPC Worldwide associate Liz Oliner traveled to the 39th ICANN conference held in Cartegena, Colombia.  Oliner attended the conference to participate in discussions regarding the federal government’s recent proposal to implement “generic Top Level Domains” (gTLD’s), a legislative move which could have a major impact on trademark owners and brands across the world. Liz met with owners of many domain registries as well as clients interested in applying for gTLD’s such as .health, .free, .music, .site, etc.

“It was an extremely interesting experience to learn more about how ICANN works and how internet policy is made,” Liz said.  “The meeting in Cartegena reminded me that the Internet is a constantly evolving frontier of data. I’m looking forward to the next meeting in San Francisco and getting more involved in ICANN.”


LegalForce RAPC Worldwide named the #1 trademark law firm in the U.S.

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide was recognized as the United States’ #1 intellectual property law firm with respect to trademark filings, according to the CSC trademark survey published by Trademark Insider. receives recognition from Venture Beat

“[Trademarkia] was the brain child of a law firm specializing in intellectual property law called Raj Abhyanker LLP. Recognizing that a robust trademark search and filing tool was not freely available on the United States Patent & Trademark Office website, ( the law firm decided to invest in building Trademarkia…”

Venture Beat, January 25, 2010

World Trademark Review lauds success of

“It has been a good year for Raj Abhyanker. In January, the US patent attorney unveiled Trademarkia, an innovative, online portal that allowed brand owners – principally entrepreneurs and small businesses – to search for and register trademarks. If Raj Abhyanker’s aim was to bring trademark registration to the masses, he has succeeded: the latest edition of the CSC Trademark Insider, published yesterday, reveals that he has become the top trademark attorney by filing volume in the United States…”

World Trademark Review, November 24, 2010

New York Times reports on’s groundbreaking innovations

“Legal service engine Trademarkia just launched a service that allows companies to check whether someone is impersonating them on social networks…Through Trademarkia, you can search for company names on more than 500 social networking sites at once…”

New York Times, December 8, 2010