“I am writing to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with Maryam on my Trademark application.  From the moment she was assigned my mark she has been insightful, intelligent, thorough, responsive and efficient.  She even saved me $499 by informing me that I did not need to file in a 3rd class!  I myself am an attorney.  I attended Northwestern University Scool of Law and practiced at 2 large international law firms in Chicago before leaving private practice to start a family.  I have been very impressed with Maryam.  I plan on recommending trademarkia.com to my collegues in the business world (in fact I already did today), and will let them know to specially ask for Maryam.  Great lawyers are hard to find, even in a tough economy, so I suggest you hold on to her!”

– Dahlia, Attorney

“I thank you for your clear presentation of a somewhat confusing topic [related to] the difference between additives and which are added to concrete and cement which is what you make concrete out of…I found your presentation and reasonable argument leaving me breathless and in awe of your comprehension. Thank you Chris. Please send it out forthwith and may God bless your incredible work on this difficult topic. I will be sure to use your company in the future with my many inventions.”

         – Daniel, Co-inventor and Founder, Green Industrial Technology Company

“I used to be the CEO of a 500 employee company and always used big, expensive trademarking firms.  I was reluctant to try Trademarkia because I wasn’t sure you guys would do a ‘professional enough’ job, but my experience thus far has changed my perception.  Thanks again.  You guys are terrific!”

        – Diana, Consultant, Business Consulting and Executive Coaching Service

“Thank you. I would like to say that I am impressed with your firm’s expertise, professionalism and customer service. It is like a breath of fresh air to do business with a company such as yours.  Rest assured that my company will consult with Trademarkia with any corporate legal matter we may (or will…) have.”

        – Luana, Owner, Cosmetic Preparations Services