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Optimized for U.S. patent applications of R&D in India & Silicon Valley.

The firm has, in its team, a qualified U.S. patent attorney and a qualified Indian patent agent. This gives the firm the unique ability to directly and internally prepare and file quality U.S. patent applications for inventions generated at R&D operations in India (first-file in India complying with Indian law), and to prepare and file U.S. patent applications for inventions generated at R&D operations in Silicon Valley (first-file in the U.S. complying with U.S. law). To our knowledge, as of August 2005, we are the only law firm in the world with this unique internal capability. In addition, our team has extensive prior experience in U.S. patent application preparation and prosecution. As such, we are able to maintain high international quality standards for U.S. patent application preparation and filing.

Best practices of leading U.S. patent prosecution law firms.

The firm's founder, Raj Abhyanker, was trained in patent application preparation and prosecution at two of the largest and best patent prosecution law firms in the country (Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, LP and Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner & Kluth, P.A., both consistently ranked #1 in U.S. patent quality by IP Law & Business). vears, was trained by some of the best and most detailed-oriented patent prosecutors in the Silicon Valley, and has numerous references from clients, other attorneys, engineers, and inventors. Raj has been a member of the U.S. patent bar for nearly six

Extremely high quality U.S. patent applications - U.S. patent litigation,licensing, and venture capital ready.

The firm focuses on drafting extremely high quality U.S. patent applications that cover technical aspects of inventions and which can withstand U.S. patent litigation, handle licensing scrutiny, and can help position a startup for venture capital fund raising. The Raj Abhyanker, LP team regularly incorporates patent prosecution best practices through continuing legal education from leading U.S. patent litigators, licensing professionals, entrepreneurs, prosecutors, and venture capitalists. In addition, the firm actively participates in the National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP) and the local chapters of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA).

Perspectives of business, legal, and engineering in patent preparation.

The best patent practitioners are those who can appreciate all aspects of a client's invention, from engineering, legal, and business perspectives. Unlike typical patent attorneys, the firm's founder Raj Abhyanker has a wide range of experience in entrepreneurship, business, engineering, and law. Raj has been an entrepreneur in a family computer business, an electrical engineer and inventor at Hewlett Packard Labs and Lockheed Martin, a Director level executive at Juniper Networks, and a patent attorney at some of the leading patent prosecution law firms in the United States. He understands his clients' technology, business opportunities, and markets quickly, and is able to draft U.S. patent applications incorporating a practical, real world appreciation of technology and business. This yields stronger patent applications for clients, capturing embodiments most important to a company's business interests.

Linked in to Bangalore and Silicon Valley venture capital, angel, attorney, and investment community.

The firm has developed friendships and acquaintances with leading venture capitalists, angel investors, other attorneys, and investment professionals in both Silicon Valley and in Bangalore. The firm proactively refers clients and those they believe will mutually benefit from discussion with each other.

Travel time not billed to India/Silicon Valley.

Travel time is not billed to clients to India or Silicon Valley. The firm has the ability to take face-to-face disclosure meetings anywhere in Silicon Valley or anywhere in India. Face-to-face disclosure meetings yield higher quality U.S. patent applications. Communication costs between India and the Silicon Valley are minimized through the use of advanced voice over IP communications, Skype, instant messaging, and through FoundationIP online docketing controls.

Global leverage when it makes sense.

The firm has an eye toward globalization, and understands that the modern economy requires U.S. patent prosecution firms to operate more efficiently. As such, the firm has an integrated global strategy when it makes sense, without sacrificing patent application quality, ethical considerations, confidentiality, and U.S. export laws. For example, patent claims and drafting are performed in the United States. Patent dictation may be transcribed in Australia. Translations may be performed in the Philippines. Patent drawings and patent proofreading may be performed in Bangalore or Nagpur. Docketing and paralegal services mav be performed in Minneapolis or New Delhi. A sophisticated back office docketing and client management system through a web based system having an export control module (FoundationIP) protects client confidentiality and helps the firm pass global efficiencies to clients when it makes sense.

Bangalore and Silicon Valley presence, Midwest patent prosecution rates.

Though Raj Abhyanker, LP maintains offices in prime Bangalore and Palo Alto locations, the firm offers clients patent prosecution hourly rates (or optionally fixed fees) commensurate with Midwest patent prosecution law firms. This is enabled through the firm's small size and leverage of global efficiencies when it makes sense. In addition, these efficiencies enable the firm to spend more time on each invention, resulting in higher quality patent applications.

Best-of-Breed approach.

Raj Abhyanker, LP knows its legal strengths are in U.S. patent prosecution, and tightly specializes in that area. The firm has therefore adopted a "best of breed' approach rather than a "one-stop-shop" approach. The firm does not attempt to practice law in areas other than those where it feels that it can offer clients the highest quality of legal services. As such, the firm offers referrals to specialists through an extensive network of leading attorneys at both large and small Silicon Valley and Bangalore based law firms.

Global patent prosecution services management leadership and expertise.

In addition to being exceptionally trained in U.S. patent prosecution, the firm's leadership knows how to manage, develop , grow, and maintain a global patent services firm that can write hiah quality U.S. patent applications and save clients money all at the same time. Therefore, you can trust that your company's patent portfolio and confidentiality will be managed competently, professionally, and intelligently.

Raj Abhyanker Patent Corporation

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