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The firm has particular expertise in electrical, storage, computer, networking, enterprise software, and medical device related technologies. The firm offers patent related legal services in the following areas

1. U.S. patent application preparation and prosecution for :

Original inventions generated in India, particularly by multi-national companies having R&D operations in Bangalore, Bombay, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, or New Delhi.

Original inventions generated in Silicon Valley, particularly by early stage, venture-backed, and growth-phase start-up companies having R&D operations in the San Francisco bay area.

2. Due diligence support for U.S. patent litigation :

Patent litigation support due diligence (e.g., file wrapper review, acquisition claim charting, evidence collection), particularly for U.S. corporations and San Francisco bay area law firms requiring the assistance of patent attorneys with expertise in patent prosecution during patent litigation, acquisition, and/or licensing transactions.

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Raj Abhyanker Patent Corporation

RAPC LLP is a patent corporation which helps in patent related legal services.

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